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unitedcube's Journal

The United Cube
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The United Cube is a CUBE Entertainment gpsl!

Gathering artists from CUBE and A-Cube alike, we hope to create a tightly-knit community between the groups and solo artists and to further a close bond so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Please come join us in The CUBE!


Be civil to each other. OOC =/= IC. Please keep ooc drama out of ic and vice versa. Godmodding, metagaming, headspace outing or any other attempts to ruin the game will not be tolerated. Please contact the mods if there are any issues with this.

IP logging must be turned off in your journals. Please make sure it is before you claim.

Please do not cross-claim your muses. Muses who are found out to be held or claimed in a different community will not be accepted/removed. Only one muse per player.

To claim, place a hold in this post. Holds last for two days and anonymous holds last 24 hours. To claim a muse, join and post to the community with a small introductory post including full name, group name and methods of contact. No need to elaborate too much as muses should be acquainted with each other to some degree, but write anything your muse wants to share about themselves! Please remember to tag your claim with "!claim" and "@band name".

Upon your arrival you will be invited to the community-wide IC and OOC blasts which we would love for you to join. We also urge you to friend every muse in the community upon claiming to further muse interaction!


Activity will be calculated based on AIM and Twitter visibility/interaction. All we ask is that if you can't be online too often but are still interested in being a part of the gpsl, make a note for the other players saying so. Journal posts, either in your own journals or in the community, are encouraged but not a requirement. We will do bi-weekly checks to see if everyone is still present and see if we need to make cuts.

Tag your hiatus with "!hiatus" and when you return please use the same tag. Hiatuses over two weeks should be discussed with the mods.

If you want to drop from the gpsl, please leave a notice in this post here. We'll be sad to see you go!

Lastly, treat the members of the gpsl as family. Don't be shy, reach out and have fun!

2yoon, 4minute, apink, b2st, btob, g.na, heogak, kim kiri, m4m, noh jihoon, pink bnn, rain, shin jihoon, trouble maker, 김기리, 노지훈, , 비스트, 비투비, 신지훈, 에이핀크, 오예리, 지나, 포미닛, 허각